Ramblings Creations

By Amanda Chandler

About Me

Creativity is my inspiration in life, the passion & drive behind my work.

It comes in many forms, from freestyle cartoons to intricate replication of portrait work.

Having studied Art & manned a market stall -selling everything from my earrings, portraits & home- made pizza... I went on to work for several Greeting Card companies, then, as a regular column illustrator for "The Countryman's Weekly", "Horse & Hound", "Your Horse" & "Eventing Magazine", before deciding to focus on creating a range of original art work based on the subjects I find most the inspiring, beautiful or occasionally, amusing!

I attend a few shows, but concentrate mainly on bespoke work, as it is supplying the individual with their unique requirements that is most rewarding for me.

So please, explore the website & do not hesitate to call me to discuss further what you might be looking for.

Thank You


Contact Me

My work can be purchased as homewares such as mugs, placemats and cushions. Please contact me for bespoke enquiries.


If you have any questions or for further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Tel: 01430 421405 


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